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     Welcome to Live Music USA! This site is dedicated to the thousands of small town or home town musicians and vocalists that entertain, or have entertained us all locally for the past several decades. We hope you enjoy the many old photos, memorabilia and even old home recording that you will find on the site.

    On our music acts page you will find both groups from the past and present. Schedules of currently working groups are often posted on their individual pages as well as contact information.

You will find a large selection of midi files on this page for you to enjoy singing along with either at home Or out on the road. The names of each file is followed by an underscore _ and a letter which is the key that The midi is being played in.

   Take the time to view all of the other pages on the site and be sure to send any information about any groups you know of or are part of. We would also like your feedback to help make this site even better.