Normally when you read the “About Us” page on a website you expect to get information on the sites founder, author or owner. But here I would like to reflect on “Us” the Musicians and Artists that this site was inspired by.

   I learned how to play guitar from a book called “Six Magic Chords” by Mel Bay. After about a month I could play all 80 songs like “Home on the Range” and was ready to start a band. Brad Paisley and Keith Urban must of got their idea for a song from me. My best friend, who also learned from the same book, would be part of the band too. We ordered piggy back amps from Montgomery Ward and made our own speaker boxes with old juke
box speakers. There was no turning back.

   I used to think that the most popular bands around my home town were the bands that played the newest music with most instruments. But when I was finally part of that big band I couldn’t figure out why we didn’t have as many people at our gig as the little three piece band down the street did at theirs. I had to take “Learn to be an Entertainer 101” to finally get it. Every time someone walked in the door at the club down the street the leader of the band spoke out their name, dedicated a song and made them feel famous. And now I’ve got it. It’s not about me and how good or bad I am as an artist. It’s how I make others feel.

   There are many pros and cons to being a musician. You are faced with the hazards of driving late at night, being subjected to the ills of drugs and alcohol and regularly faced with the temptations that usually cause failed marriages. Some of us are strong enough to resist and some of us fall to at least the lesser of these evils.

   For most of us the pros are the things that we and our following will remember most. We do what many wish they could do but never will. We sing, we play and we entertain an awful lot of people. Why? Because we love it. We know we will probably never be famous, we will never be rich, but we still do it. It is a gift. Not something we got from practice or something that came with new equipment, but a gift. Knowing this will make us all better artists and better people.

   So if you are a musician I commend you, and share in your joy. If you are not, it’s never to late to learn. You won’t regret it.

   Thank You, to all of you that have given me an opportunity to play music with you in my life. I have truly enjoyed your gift.

Roddy Dull