Live Music USA is currently renting or selling custom stage backdrops for
many different types of stage performances. Our back drops are available for
plays or musicals, pageants or conventions or musical performances and  concerts
both indoor and outdoor. They typically rent for $200 to $250 per week and can
be printed with virtually any thing you wish. These backdrops are made of sturdy
13 oz. vinyl and sell for approximately $4.50 per sq. ft.

We are in the process of building a new portable stage for outdoor use. The stage will
come complete with your choice of a variety of backdrops and should look very much
like the animated design you see on this page.

We currently have two different sound systems for rent. One complete with a 16
channel powered board and one with an 8 channel powered board. Each is more than
adequate for smaller venues and they can be combined for large venues.

For more information on backdrops, sound, light or stage email: